我们生活的地方, 人们很容易把环境视为理所当然. 但事实是, air pollution and poor water quality persists and we recognize the need to do our part to preserve and enhance the region’s communities for future generations.


有关我们的可持续发展方法的信息,请访问我们的 可持续性的页面.


改善环境要从邻里做起. Our employees volunteer their time each month for projects that need more boots on the ground. Our dedicated employees take pride in our community and aspire to be good neighbors through actions big and small.

参见团队Sempra/西班牙&E环境全明星 在行动 在过去一年里.



西班牙&E拥有一支积极的员工绿色团队,致力于可持续发展的各个方面. 每年, they help organize initiatives targeted at improving environmental and sustainability awareness throughout the company. 环保小组组织:

  • 西班牙的&E地球博览会
  • 骑车上班日
  • 拼车日  

They also participate in SANDAG’s iCommute program and received Gold Tier recognition in 2018 for 西班牙&E在拼车、骑自行车上班、公交和电动汽车方面的努力. 由于绿色团队的努力,可持续发展目标&E also become a Bronze-Level Bike Friendly Business through the League of American Cyclists in 2018 to further promote sustainable transportation in the community.


We’re proud of providing resources to nearly 100 environmental non-profit organizations to help them advance their mission to improve the environment. 这与慈善无关, it’s about investing in the people and organizations that are making positive contributions to the environment.  了解更多.


More than 200 organizations have joined the Climate Science Alliance and they receive training on how to interpret climate resiliency to different audiences. 通过他们的气候儿童项目, 气候科学联盟已达26个以上,仅2018年就有1万名青年. Their programs are actionable, giving people hope, and the tools to make a difference.


Ocean Discovery Institute empowers young people from diverse backgrounds through science-based exploration of the ocean and the urban environment. 2018年,Living Lab向公众开放, dramatically increasing the Institute’s capacity to provide meaningful environmental education to City Heights youth. Students that go through the Living Lab come away understanding the importance of clean water and recognizing that trash in their community will eventually make its way to the ocean through San Diego’s vast system of watersheds. We support these educational programs that inspire kids to dream big and pursue careers in ocean conservation, 恢复生态学, 以及其他类似领域, 培养下一代环保专业人士.


圣地亚哥食品系统联盟正在努力发展和维护一个公平的, 圣地亚哥县健康和可持续的食物系统. Their projects focus on reducing food waste by promoting the best use for food surplus. San Diego County is home to more small-scale farm operations than anyw在这里 else in the nation, and the Alliance is mobilizing those farmers to adopt carbon farming methods that will help to sequester carbon while producing local, 有营养的食物. We’re proud to support innovative GHG reduction efforts and waste reduction programs with the Alliance and their members.


干净的水, 清洁空气, 清洁能源, 气候变化, 开放空间, 自然栖息地——它们都是相互联系的,都有专家. 我们帮助激活这些专家并召开区域对话, 研讨会, 举办论坛和会议,制定全面的解决方案,以改善环境. We also develop multi-faceted ongoing partnerships to encourage systems change that reduce impacts to our planet and our future.


The 圣地亚哥县流域峰会 brings more than 300 stakeholders representing nonprofits, 教育工作者, 监管机构, 公用事业公司, 市, 环境机构, 供水和污水处理区, 部落领袖和其他环保倡导者. We joined an advisory committee made up of local environmental leaders plan the annual Summit, highlighting successful environmental education programs; methodologies to furthering the protection, 保存, and enhancement of local ecosystems; and providing meaningful dialogue on San Diego’s environmental future.



2018年3月, we joined local leaders and environmental experts gather for inaugural climate summit, hosted by Climate Science Alliance in partnership with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and 西班牙&E. 圣地亚哥是200多种受威胁或濒危物种的家园, 使其成为世界上生物多样性最丰富的地区之一. 气候变化影响着生物多样性和我们的生活方式, 200多人聚集在圣地亚哥参加首届气候峰会. The summit provided an in-depth look at how 气候变化 impacts our region’s environment by bringing together climatologists, 生态学家, 非营利性和公共机构工作人员, 以及部落和商业领袖. The Summit also previewed recently released research as part of California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, looking at the ecological impacts of 气候变化 on San Diego as a biological hotspot. 完整的报告可以查看 在这里.


污染造成的空气质量差会对健康造成严重后果, 尤其适合小孩和老人. 事实上, the 美国肺脏协会 reports that air pollution leads to increased rates of asthma, 紧急护理甚至住院治疗. That’s why the 美国肺脏协会’s work has expanded from no smoking to a more holistic view of air quality and programs that have a positive effect on the air we breathe. 支持交通运输行业向零排放车辆转型, like electric cars is a high priority for the 美国肺脏协会 and for 西班牙&E. 



圣地亚哥的树冠估计只有10%, 然而我们的气候行动计划要求到2035年树冠覆盖率达到35%. 西班牙&E is supporting two organizations – the Balboa Park Conservancy and Tree San Diego in their efforts to plant trees and teach proper tree care to improve tree survival. 树木在我们的气候中扮演着重要的角色,提供阴凉和吸收碳. Our support has allowed the Balboa Park Conservancy to plant more trees in Balboa Park, 这个地区在最近的干旱中失去了大量的树木. 我们还与圣地亚哥树合作,开展他们的“了不起的树”项目, educating youth about the importance of trees and teaching them valuable lessons in how to care for trees.



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